PZFPressure at Zero Flow
PZFPositive and Zero Flow
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The COBRA PzF NanoCoated Coronary Stent combines a highly deliverable cobalt chromium platform with a Polyzene-F nano-thin polymer.
The COBRA PzF NanoCoated Coronary Stent is approved for use in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.
The 9.8-kg weapon, marketed internationally as the Panzerfaust (Pzf) 90, is designed for use in urban operations.
German forces are equipped with DND's 60-mm RGW 60 (for Recoilless Grenade Weapon), which is essentially a scaled-down Pzf 90 weighing 5.8 kg.
This is a second major interventional cardiology trial for CeloNova in the US, following the successful enrollment of the PzF SHIELD clinical trial earlier this year.
The trial will evaluate if the COBRA PzF coronary stent, with its novel Polyzene-F nano-coating and advanced thin-strut design, can help reduce bleeding as compared to drug eluting stents, by shortening the duration of dual antiplatelet therapy to 14 days in patients treated with oral anticoagulation and undergoing PCI.
CeloNova said that completed enrollment was ahead of schedule and supports submission for FDA approval of the novel COBRA PzF stent with its advanced, nano-thin coating of Polyzene-F polymer.
The COBRA PzF stent's advanced thin strut design may help minimise vessel wall injury, and may enable a more rapid and natural healing.
In his presentation entitled, "First-in-man experience avec le stent Cobra-PzF, utilisant un nano-coating," Maillard concluded that the COBRA PzF coronary stent system with advanced nano-thin coating of Polyzene-F polymer can be a safe and effective interventional treatment for real-world and complex patients with heart disease, CeloNova said.
The Panzerfaust 3LWD (Low Weight Disposable), with a 90 mm calibre single shaped-charge warhead, has a range of 400 metres and uses the Pzf 3 lightweight firing device, although it is also available with a Hesh warhead.