PZPRPolska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza (Polish United Workers' Party)
PZPRPolska Zjednoczona Platforma Radosci (Polish: Poland United Platform of Joy)
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The year 1989 was therefore experienced as a defeat for both the PZPR and for a large faction within the Catholic Church--the two main institutional incarnations of the communitarians in twentieth-century Poland.
We have to bear in mind that Iwaszkiewicz, whose literary work mainly occurred before the war, had been maneuvered into place by the PZPR because they had identified him as an opportunist, someone they could manipulate.
In December of that year, when PZPR leader Wojciech Jaruzelski took power in Poland and declared martial law, the Reagan administration imposed economic sanctions on Poland and the USSR, attempting to undermine the resurgence of Soviet dominance over the nation by cutting off key financial loans.
In December 1989, the Sejm approved the "Balcerowicz Plan"--named after Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Leszek Balcerowicz--to transform the Polish economy rapidly from centrally planned to free-market, amended the constitution to eliminate references to the "leading role" of the PZPR, and renamed the country the "Republic of Poland." The PZPR dissolved itself in January 1990, creating in its place a new party, Social Democracy of the Republic of Poland.
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In the August agreements, the PZPR granted several concessions to workers.
(An instruction concerning agitators), 24 June 1949, KC PZPR, sygn.
(6) Despite those feelings, the number of political parties grew during 1989-91 from one, the Polish Communist Party (PZPR), to almost 30.
First, an authoritarian political system was set up, combining party and government's rules, with the Polish United Workers' Party (PZPR) as the centerpiece.
139) for the paper was closed down years before; Illakowiczowna, to the best of my knowledge, never joined the PZPR (p.
In the same way that the failure of the planet Solaris to respond to the scientists provokes them to bombard it with massive doses of harmful X-rays, the monolithic indifference of the PZPR to public opinion and common sense provoked increasing hostility.
And that policy was determined, and subject to change at any time, by the PZPR in consultation with its "fraternal ally" in Moscow.