PZSPlaninska Zveza Slovenije
PZSPortland Zine Symposium (Portland State University; Oregon)
PZSProceedings of the Zoological Society (UK)
PZSPusat Zakat Selangor (Malay: Selangor Charity Center; Selangor, Malaysia)
PZSPoskytovatelia Zdravotnej Starostlivosti (Slovak: Health Care Providers)
PZSPolski Zwiazek Szachowy (Polish: Polish Chess Federation; Poland)
PZSPseudo-Zellweger Syndrome
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PZS accelerometers enable safe operation to be maintained in the event of two component failures in a hydrogen gas atmosphere.
Applications for the PZS can now include installations where cable runs in excess of 400 metres can be achieved in the hazardous area utilising industry standard cable and safety barriers.
Chlumec Cidlinou "to reconstruct crossing safety crossing facilities category PZS 3SBI.
561 P1174 line Czech Budejovice - Plzen, located in the district ST StrelskeHo tice, new lighting safety equipment PZS and keeper categories PZS 3ZBI in accordance with the CSN 342650 ed.
The contract will replace them with new lighting safety devices PZS and keeper categories PZS 3ZNI according to CSN 34 2650 ed.