PZSPlaninska Zveza Slovenije
PZSPortland Zine Symposium (Portland State University; Oregon)
PZSProceedings of the Zoological Society (UK)
PZSPusat Zakat Selangor (Malay: Selangor Charity Center; Selangor, Malaysia)
PZSPoskytovatelia Zdravotnej Starostlivosti (Slovak: Health Care Providers)
PZSPolski Zwiazek Szachowy (Polish: Polish Chess Federation; Poland)
PZSPseudo-Zellweger Syndrome
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To deeply understand this precipitation behavior during solutionizing, uneven precipitation of the [T.sub.Mn] phase, and formation of PFBs among the PZs, it is necessary to carefully characterize the microstructure as-cast.
B, Pretreatment of animals with prazosin (PZS, 1 mg/kg, ip) or yohimbine (YOHI, 1 mg/kg, ip), and C, with sulpiride (50 mg/kg) and SCH23390 (0.05 mg/kg) or vehicle on the effects of H.
Even though overwhelming majority of the reported PZs were found to be insoluble in water (12), (16), (38), (39), PZ 9 remained soluble both in salt-free and salt-added water as a result of the extensive hydration of the [O.sup.-] and steric crowding exerted by OC[H.sub.2]C[H.sub.3] which prevent effective zwitterionic interaction with the cationic nitrogens (14).
The single substituted and cosubstituted PZs were obtained from poly(dichlorophosphazene) as described below.
3) In DHR, not only pivot nodes but also nodes in the PZs implement Route
PZS accelerometers enable safe operation to be maintained in the event of two component failures in a hydrogen gas atmosphere.
While his departure preceded the founding of the ACJ by more than three decades, the Zionist infrastructure that he helped to establish and the commitment to the cause that he engendered in Portlanders had a decided impact.(33) Wise was a founder of the Portland Zionist Society (PZS) in 1901, and his enthusiasm and personal stature led many of his congregants to join him in this endeavor, despite the general antipathy toward Zionism among Reform Jews at the time.
In addition to the synthesis of a variety of polyelectrolytes, Butler's cyclopolymerization (1-5) involving diallylammonium salts has also been a convenient protocol to generate polyzwitterions (PZs) (6-11) and polyampholytes (PAs) (12) (Scheme 1).
Vaccination against bluetongue can only take place once an area is declared a PZ, but it does also bring movement restrictions to areas not declared PZs. Scotland is not currently designated as a PZ.
The battalion S3, S3 Air and the S2 conducted an initial mission analysis to determine a tentative timeline, number of aircraft required, number of lifts required, potential pick-up zones (PZs), LZs, and alternate landing zones (ALZs).