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PZTLead Zirconate Titanate (piezoelectric ceramic material)
PZTPan, Zoom, Tilt (camera functions)
PZTPressluft Zentrale Teichmann (German: Central Air Teichmann)
PZTPhotographic Zenith Tube
PZTPressure Zero Test
PZTPoint Zone Telephone
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The temperature variation of the PZT ceramics sample due to electrocaloric effect for external electric field change of 1kV/mm is not more then 3 K [18].
Simulation model consisted of copper and a novel PZT nanocomposite, which is able to work at low frequencies and to harvest energy or to cause deformations [11].
A hybrid sensor system was developed to detect the elastic waves launched by a PZT actuator using a high-speed and high-accuracy FBG sensor [18].
Tanto en la arenisca como en la caliza se marcaron las posiciones donde se ubican los ocho cristales cada 45[grados] (ver FIGURA 3), para mantener dichas posiciones cuando se desmonte la abrazadera de cristales PZT se realizaron unas lineas que se proyectan verticalmente, de igual manera se marcaron cuatro niveles horizontales, el primer nivel a una longitud de 6 mm del borde superior ya que es el ancho de la abrazadera y los otros tres a 3 mm para un barrido total vertical de 15 mm (FIGURA 8).
33] is the voltage constant determined by the PZT material, H is the ring thickness of 0.
The production of PZT transducers relies on outdated machine-shop manufacturing methods.
PZT keramikos kristaline gardele: a--virs Kiuri tasko; b--zemiau Kiuri tasko
For this purpose, a DIFFOUR Hamiltonian was proposed to model ferroelectric properties in PZT thin films, one of the most studied ferroelectrics nowadays.
The resulting structures, which are 100 to 200 nanometers in outer diameter with thickness ranging from 5 to 25 nanometers, show a piezoelectric response comparable to that of PZT thin films of much larger dimensions.
Cuando un potencial electrico alternado actua en la pastilla de PZT pegada en la estructura, esta se deforma conjuntamente con la estructura, haciendo que el conjunto comienze a vibrar.
The PZT acoustic emission (AE) sensor is one of the best applications of piezoelectric materials.
The domain R2 is a PZT 5H cell with a length 1 = 20 mm, width w = 50 mm and thickness t = 0.