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PZTLead Zirconate Titanate (piezoelectric ceramic material)
PZTPan, Zoom, Tilt (camera functions)
PZTPressluft Zentrale Teichmann (German: Central Air Teichmann)
PZTPhotographic Zenith Tube
PZTPressure Zero Test
PZTPoint Zone Telephone
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MEMS devices using thin-film PZT are formed on a silicon substrate with the following five (5) layers: an adhesion layer, a lower electrode layer, a buffer layer, a piezoelectric (PZT) layer, and an upper electrode layer.
These materials were used to achieve the first soft polymer layer around the PZT fibre by the dip coating process with four layers applied.
Signals with different amplitude and frequencies are applied to the PZT cause dimensional change in the sensing arm then the output voltage signal from the PGC for each reading is recorded.
After the MWCNTs were surface treated, they were mixed with the mixture of PZT and epoxy, thus forming the sol (nonmacroscopic particles in solution) and a gel (bushy structures as clusters and agglomeration pockets of PZT-epoxy and MWCNTs).
3b) is similar to that observed earlier in PZT samples under ordinarily conditions of heating in thermostat camera.
Simulation model consisted of copper and a novel PZT nanocomposite, which is able to work at low frequencies and to harvest energy or to cause deformations [11].
It should be taken into account that this inference was drawn for the sample heated to temperatures above 100[degrees]C, when the coercive field of the PZT ceramics is substantially reduced.
We describe the growth and the structural characterization of PZT thin films grown on silicon wafers through oxide transition layers.
The PZT ceramics use [d.sub.33] working mode for the excitations of longitudinal vibration and are polarized along their thickness directions.
The waves at both PZT sensors will be collected by Matlab [40], which will run the proposed mathematical model to determine the damage location and width.
For example, the use of Lamb waves with PZT sensors has drawn extensive attention from the SHM community.