PaM1Pack At Most 1 (packing scheme)
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Apos a analise de multicolinearidade, para o grupo genetico UFV1, conforme a tabela 1, foram identificadas e eliminadas as variaveis PAM4, POM3, PAM1, POM2, POM1, LOM2, P21, P28 e LOM3 que provocavam severa multicolinearidade entre as caracteristicas analisadas.
As variaveis sugeridas para descarte, em ordem de menor importancia, para explicar a variancia total, sao: COM4, LOM3, PGM1, PGM3, PAM1, PCM4, P112, PCM2, IDPO, LOM1, DM3, DM4, PAM2, DM2, P77, PCM1, PGM2, DM1, PGM4, P0 e P14.
A 10-10-10 commercial fertilizer was applied according to G DOT specifications at 1,344 kg [ha.sup.-1] (1,200 lbs [ac.sup.-1]) (G DOT 2004), the PAM with straw blanket and PAM2 with compost blanket was applied at 370 kg [ha.sup.-1] (330 lbs [ac.sup.-1]), PAM1 with compost blanket was applied at 34 kg [ha.sup.-1] (30 lbs [ac.sup.-1]), and the Bio-Floc was applied at 112 kg [ha.sup.-1] (100 lbs [ac.sup.-1]).
The percent reduction in loading of suspended solids during the first runoff event for the straw blanket with PAM was 81%, compost blanket was 94%, compost blanket with PAM1 was 88%, compost blanket with PAM2 was 91%, compost blanket with Bio-Floc was 97%, and the 2:1, 1:2, and wood mulch blankets were all 99% effective (table 6).
The PAM1 matrix indicates the probability that a symbol mutates into another in one time step, and is constructed based on sequences that differ only in 1% or less.
A search of the EMBL sequence data bank showed that part of ASS49 shared high (92%) homology with a C-genome specific sequence pAM1 (313 bp) (Fominaya et al., 1995; Solano et al., 1992) isolated from the tetraploid species A.
On display will be the first of the company's AVB-supported products: the PAM1 and PAM2 AVB audio monitoring units and AXIUS managed Ethernet switches.