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PaPeRoPartner-Type Personal Robot (NEC)
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- Telepresence system with "PaPeRo," NEC's communications robot, and LT-B that demonstrate next generation communications (reference exhibit)
En este sentido, se hace indispensable saber cuales son los factores que condicionan la aplicacion de BPA en el sector papero, es decir, aquellos aspectos economicos, sociales y culturales que limitan su adopcion.
Further, the likelihood of deficient communication and cognitive development is increased for the child of a single teen-aged parent or a parent suffering from depression or other mental illness (Coster & Cicchetti, 1993; Keown, Woodward, & Field, 2001; NICHD Early Child Care Research Network, 1999; Papero, 2005).
The Foreign Ministers' discussions centred on a new oissues papero from the UK Presidency, which urges changes to the structure of the budget, modernising the budget, and own resources (tackling member states net contributions).
We asked Custom Images to take our Troll type picture and print it as a repeat pattern onto papero. Let your imagination run wild.