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PaRDeSPshat Remez Sod Drash e Sod (forms of interpreting Torah)
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It is a great honor to present The Pardes Humanitarian Prize in Mental Health to Drs.
In chapter 2, Pardes discusses Melville's use of Jonah, chiefly in Father Mapple's sermon and in the chapter on "Jonah Historically Regarded," in relation to the Englishman John Kitto's popular Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature (1846), which incorporated elements of the new German historical criticism of the Bible.
Pardes, Counter-traditions in the Bible (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1992).
According to Dr Pardes, some 60 per cent of the patients who come to his hospital are on Medicare (government-funded healthcare for the elderly) or Medicaid, (government-funded healthcare for poor people).
These include Nicole Bohnam Colby, Kent Colby, Patricia Liles, Julie Stricker, Curt Freeman, Greg Wolf, Joan Pardes, Steve Borell, Gail West, Richard Schmitz and Will Swagel.
The boys, who were close friends and had attended the same class in Pardes House School, Hendon, London, where both were laid to rest in ceremonies on Monday.
Our rabbis have taught, four entered into the Pardes [Orchard].
When San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Deborah Pardes visited an adult literacy program at her local library in 1999, she bumped head-on into a startling statistic: 44 million American adults read and write at or below the fifth-grade level.
Tasmina is the star of a soap series called Des Pardes - Home And Away - filmed on location in Scotland and Pakistan.
A former colleague at Des Pardes House school in Hampstead recalled: "Despite being an imposter, he was a good teacher, always very polite.