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PaRDeSPshat Remez Sod Drash e Sod (forms of interpreting Torah)
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Stunning Pardes Steading is a fabulous family home with a fantastic range of accommodation
Local Stories is another ongoing initiative within Shared Communities that has drawn residents of Pardes Hanna-Karkur and Kfar Kara to meet on a regular basis.
The singer made the audience feel nostalgic when he rendered Hum toh hai pardes mein desh mein nikla hoga chand.
Name and oneness are bundled together visually in the aleph shown before from cabalist Moises Cordovero's magnum opus Pardes Rimonim (68, Figure 1).
I would nevertheless point out that an important issue in ancient Jewish mysticism, which had a huge impact on the development of the medieval Jewish mysticism, the entrance of four sages in the Pardes, the mystical orchard, according to the different ancient versions of this legend, should be interpreted in the context of the Paradise-visits.
He was cerebral to the core - as was so tellingly brought out in the themes he explored in Guide, Des Pardes, Hare Rama Hare Krishna or Vijay Anand's Tere Mere Sapne.
He lived with his parents and siblings in the Kiryat Ono transit camp, and later in Pardes Katz.
Similarly, when you go to restaurants like "Des Pardes at Saidpur Village", it is associated with our culture.
Seguidamente analiza los pasajes del Cantar que dibujan de forma poetica un relato simbolico de la realidad: la descripcion de la mujer (7,1-6), las referencias a har (montana), las <<flechas de fuego>> de 8,6-7 y, en capitulo aparte, los textos donde aparecen los terminos gan y pardes (jardin), que le permiten relacionar el Cantar con el simbolismo del Templo y el misticismo judio representado por la historia de <<Los cuatro que entraron en Pardes>>.
Although Aristophanes' Lysistrata usually gets the laurels for being the first feminist classic, I would award it to Ruth, following Pardes rather than Trible, and certainly not despite Chapter 4.
Adjman Pardes, chief of the province"s health department, said four children and a policeman died.
In her first chapter, Pardes insightfully examines Melville's "grand homage to Job in Moby-Dick" (p.