PAAAPan American Aerobiology Association
PAAAPrice-Anderson Amendments Act
PAAAPan-African Anthropological Association
PAAAParental Alienation Awareness Association (Ireland)
PAAAPer Aspera ad Astra (Latin: Through Violence to the Star; manga fan site)
PAAAPublic Authority Accountability Act
PAAAPremium Advertising Association of America
PAAAPennsylvania Antique Auto Appraisals
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As an MCW activist put it, "Nothing is private anymore," and as a PAAA activist said, "I assume that if the state wants to find out something that we are doing, it will find it out." These kinds of assumptions and perceptions are important because they speak to the general sense of disempowerment that we see as a central aspect of surveillance realism.
(41) PAAA, R79635, Agencia Duems al gobierno aleman, enero de 1922 [sin dia].
Aneurysms of peripancreatic arterial arcades (PAAAs) are uncommon as they account for about 2% of all visceral aneurysms.
vulgaris (Figura 2a) coincidieron con las proporciones donde hubo mayor interferencia intraespecifica: PPPP (0,142), PPPA (0,156), PAAA (0,164) y PPAA (0,171).
Agerio PaAa, chancellor of the Diocese of Tagbilaran, told the Inquirer in a phone interview that the five were selected by a committee formed by Bishop Leonardo Medroso.
(A3672), 15 June 1878 (Attachment: Notes dated 14 June 1878), R1285, Politisches Archiv des Auswartigen Amtes (hereafter cited as PAAA).
CAPN PAAA APR DC MR LVV KAG BQ NC Pre-test Post-test 22% 55% 11% 11% 22% 11% 44% 55% 77% Diff.
"But we're hopeful to obtain results with the new deals with other oil explorer companies and thanks to the better-than-expected performance of Turkey's new seismic vessel, 'Barbaros Hayrettin PaAa,' which began operations in the region a few months ago."Turkey's exploration activities in the Black Sea basins date back to the early 1970s, but the country, desperately searching for energy, has fostered its operations there only in the last 10 years.
(9) Indios en Africa Oriental: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores a Legacion Estocolmo, 4 de febrero de 1915, PAAA, R 21078; Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores al jefe del Estado Mayor, 10 de febrero de 1915, PAAA, R 21079; sobre las actividades del nacionalista musulman indio Maulavi Barakatullah en Japon y el Medio Oriente: memorandum interno, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, 4 de marzo de 1915, PAAA, R 21079; sobre Shanghai como centro conspirativo: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores a legacion Estocolmo, 8 de febrero de 1915, PAAA, R 21078; y sobre Bangkok: Bernstorff, Estocolmo, a Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, 1 de marzo de 1915, PAAA, R 21079.
of Protecting Power Affairs to German Foreign Office, 30 January 1945, Politisches Archiv im Auswartigen Amt Berlin (hereafter PAAA) R 40/721.