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PAAMAPen Argyl Area Music Association
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Using a Senegalese folktale the way a composer uses a musical theme--as a basis for variation--she recounts the fantastical adventures of Paama, who escapes her unfortunate marriage only to be placed in unwitting charge of awesome universal powers.
Risto Poykio (a) *, Hannu Ronkkomaki (b), Hannu Nurmesniemi (c), Toomas Tenno (d), and Lilli Paama (d)
In particular, the fears involved a rumour that started to be spread in Port Vila around the 1st of February about a man who was descended half from Paama and half from Tongoa.
The story begins with a group of ni-Vanuatu labourers, from the islands of Epi, Paama, Ambrym and Pentecost, at work on a plantation in Fiji.