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PAANPhysician Assistant AIDS Network
PAANPan African Airlines Nigeria
PAANPublic Administration Association of Nepal (Kathmandu, Nepal)
PAANPositive African-American Network
PAANPolitical Advanced Analysis Network (software)
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Rathore Paan Masala company had filed petition in SC against high court decision.
A whopping 87 per cent of KT readers, who voted in our online poll (by 5pm), said they supported the Dh1,000 fine for spitting paan.
He added: "It is illegal to sell or import niswar and paan because the drugs are banned in the UAE.
Babu et al (7) showed that people were more addicted to gutkha than any other related arecanut & tobacco products such as paan, paan masala etc & found strong association between gutkha chewing & OSMF.
The number of such fines was 3,270 whereas 288 fines were imposed for spitting, 402 for washing vehicles in non-designated areas and 51 for spitting paan.
My madam told me that eating paan masala was a bad habit.
Finally, he met him and explained the problems of paan farming.
It was used at paan shops and other such places of low transactions.
Chewing of Paan (Urdu for betel leaf) has been an important part of our social lives for many centuries.
Dental hygienists are used to removing plaque, calculus and stains from tea or coffee, but what about removing red stains caused by chewing paan all day?
She was described as "the face of MWPS, co-ordinating with embassies, government agencies and welfare groups to assure justice and repatriation of workers to their homeland," by the PAAN award selection committee.
On Monday, officers and council workers visited Batley East Children's Centre to warn of the health risks of products such as Naswar, Paan, Guthka and Shisha (water pipe smoking).