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PAAPPlatelet Aggregation-Associated Protein
PAAPPersonal Asthma Action Plan
PAAPPhysical Activity Action Plan (Keighley, UK)
PAAPPlan Ahead and Prepare (rap)
PAAPParticle Astrophysics Advisory Panel
PAAPProtein Amino Acid Phosphorylation
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Paap, the celebrated Dwarf, might have lived and died happily in the cabin, which was fitted with common sash-windows like an ordinary dwelling-house.
Kris Paap, Working Construction: Why White Working-Class Men Put Themselves--and the Labour Movement--in Harm's Way (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2006); Robert H.
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Algunos investigadores han afrmado que el hipertexto imita las redes asociativas de la memoria humana (Fiderio 1988; Jonassen, 1990, 1991a, 1991b; McAleese, 1990; McDonald, Paap y McDonald, 1990).
It will be ghor paap (a cardinal sin) if I do so and I will have to burn in hell.
This discrepancy between the importance of innovation and the perceived effectiveness of attempts to accelerate innovation is a major challenge for long-term competitiveness (Rigby, Christensen, and Johnson 2002; Paap and Katz 2004; Christensen, Horn, and Johnson 2008).
He debuted as a playback singer with the Bollywood film Paap in 2004, featuring the hit song Lagi Tum Se Mann Ki Lagan.
PAAP received these announcements from Francois Stepman, PAEPARD, who is gratefully acknowledged
Paap MC Meijer RR Cohen-Kettenis PT Richter-Appelt H de Cuypere G Kreukels BP et al.