PacFINPacific Fisheries Information Network
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Total landings estimates for 1980-81 from PacFIN were imprecise because of inadequate port sampling, so we used the ratio estimates of cowcod landings for 1980-81 in further analysis.
To test this, we compared annual landings by state from the logbooks to the reported landings from the PacFIN database which relies on landing receipts.
California herring landings fell from 9,215 t in 1997 to little over 2,000 t in 1998 during the 1997-98 El Nino (CDFG, 1999; PacFIN (42)) (Fig.
However, the eulachon population is declining and harvest levels dwindled to less than 5 t per year over the last few years (Bargmann, 1998; PacFIN (42)).
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