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PACASPennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences
PACASPennsylvania Action Coalition for Autism Services
PACASProfessional Amigos of Comic Art Society
PACASPersonnel Access Control Accountability System (NASA)
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We used descriptive statistics to compare the number of pacas captured with each method used in the field.
We then calculated the cost-effectiveness of the methods by dividing the number of captured pacas per application cost of each technique (paca US$-1).
In the Peruvian Amazon, paca meat is consumed by humans.
Collection of paca viscera was part of the ongoing participatory conservation program; although hunters were trained to collect the viscera, sample availability was based on hunters' willingness to participate.
Pacas were not registered on the diurnal transects surveys even though they occur in the area, according to rare records of footprints on transects.
Although flooding levels higher than 36 metres are rare in ASDR (Ramalho et al., 2009) they influence the reduction of paca killings, possibly as a consequence of the movements of pacas to dry environments.
paca; en 17 fotos solo se observa 1 individuo (Fig.
paca en una zona para la cual no existian registros oseos y cuya potencial ocurrencia era anecdotica (Chebez, 2009).
Have you ever had problems with pacas in your crops?
Subsistence hunting is practiced in rural communities, and the paca is one of the most hunted species as it is the meatiest (De la Cruz-Felix 2008).
Nuevos registros del tepezcuintle (Agouti paca) para el norte del estado de Oaxaca Mexico.
El tepezcuintle, Agouti paca (Rodentia: Agoutidae), en Tamaulipas, Mexico.