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PAMAProfessional Aviation Maintenance Association
PAMAPerforming Arts Medicine Association
PAMAPulse-Address Multiple Access
PAMAPower Aware Multiprocessor Architecture
PAMAPre-Assigned Multiple Access (telecommunications)
PAMAPayment Acceptance Management Association (New York, NY)
PAMAPermanently Assigned Multiple Access
PAMAPan American Medical Association
PAMAPediatric, Adolescent, and Maternal AIDS branch (US NIH)
PAMAPublic Authority for Minors Affairs (Kuwait)
PAMAPeople Against the Mistreatment of Animals (ISU)
PAMAPackage Match
PAMAPhased-Array Microstrip Antenna
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One package matches the WH-1300 model LEWCO pump with a Cat 3512 DITA engine rated at 1,300 horsepower; maximum flow rates with the standard 5,000-psi fluid end modules are 780 gallons per minute at 130 spm.
"We have spent a lot of time designing both the exterior and interior layout to ensure the package matches the environment in which they are situated."
Even as packaged software started to become readily available, there was still enough variation in what different vendors provided to require a detailed upstanding of how a specific package matched the needs of a particular organization.
Its feature package matches those on the 40- and 45-pint units.
We looked at the package, and [found that] the code of that package matched the code that had tested positive way back on the Pueblo case.
The output from the Accounting Decision Maker is a report showing the total score for each package, and a second score shows the percentage of package matches with features independent of weights.
Purchase considerations may include: how closely the package matches requirements; whether solid growth and system integrity have been demonstrated; and whether the system's maintenance contract includes compatible upgrades.
The key at this point is ensuring that the label on the outside of the package matches the invoice on the inside.