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PBPPicture by Picture (TVs and monitors)
PBPParis-Brest-Paris (bicycle race)
PBPPlay by Post (roleplaying games)
PBPPenicillin Binding Protein
PBPProgressive Bulbar Palsy
PBPPersonal Basis Profile (connected device configuration)
PBPPay Back Period
PBPPay By Phone
PBPPlease Be Patient
PBPPheromone Binding Protein
PBPPlan Benefit Package (health care)
PBPPot-Belly Pig
PBPPoint by Point
PBPProduct Based Planning (UK)
PBPPuffing Billy Posse (graffiti crew)
PBPPaperboard Packaging (magazine)
PBPPacket-By-Packet (Cisco)
PBPPost Boost Phase
PBPPicture Bleeds Paint (band)
PBPPooled Bonds Program (New Jersey)
PBPPracticality Beats Purity
PBPPolo Boy Productions
PBPProven Best Practice
PBPPeanut Butter Panic (Blue Bunny ice cream flavor; also Atari game)
PBPPakistan Border Patrol
PBPPrison Book Program (various organizations)
PBPPersonal Business Plan
PBPPeace Between People (Seattle, WA)
PBPProject Better Place (cars)
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11 wireless products with the capability on a packet-by-packet basis to dynamically "beam steer, shape, and size" extended signals for miles while deriving standoff location information about the Wi-Fi client.
Sniffer MultiSegment Intelligence significantly reduces the amount of time it would otherwise take to trace out flows on a packet-by-packet basis," said Nick Rascona, Senior MNO Engineer at Sprint.
In addition, Azimuth has added programmable extensions for packet-by-packet generation and analysis to its testMAC(TM) to allow vendors to "stress test" their client-to-access point communication.
An optional API command processor controls packet delivery and acknowledgment (on a packet-by-packet basis) and reports to the host device, greatly reducing OEM software development.
The WLA-202 provides the ability to detail performance and functionality on a packet-by-packet basis.
The BlueFire IX2010 supports IP Security (IPsec), providing packet-by-packet encryption and authentication.
In addition to built-in firewall capabilities, the IX1035 supports IP Security (IPsec) which allows packet-by-packet encryption and authentication.
Security is a major concern, especially for branch offices, so we offer hardware accelerated IP Security (IPsec) which allows packet-by-packet encryption and authentication.
In addition, Broadwing's Frame Relay provides higher throughput and improved application response time by dynamically allocating bandwidth on packet-by-packet basis.
AirStar's CellMAC wireless protocol uses ATM cells over a TDMA foundation to maximize spectrum usage and minimize equipment requirements by allocating bandwidth on a packet-by-packet basis.
Leveraging the CopperEdge's proven IP IQ(TM) capabilities, the PFE dynamically recognizes services at the IP layer, making intelligent traffic-forwarding, queuing, and prioritization decisions on a packet-by-packet basis based on packet header information, and keeping different services compartmentalized and secure.