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PADERPennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources
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Uganda Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (2005) 'Health and mortality survey among internally displaced persons in Gulu, Kitgum and Pader districts, northern Uganda'.
Breitbert and Pader (1995) note that in stereotypical characterizations of single black mothers, "their children are racialized and seen as the epitome of urban disorder, and hence, a threat" (p.
As of now the Nodding Disease and fires are specifically concentrated to children in Pader, Uganda.
Medical and government authorities have so far failed to explain the cause and mode of transmission of the disease that has been attacking children between the ages of 5 and 15 in the districts of Pader and Kitgum, in the north.
The spatial dimension in burial practices was researched as well; Coles and Harding (1979) inferred the clustering of the Early Bronze Age cemeteries in central Europe to kinship, while Pader (1980) focused on the spatial distribution of artefacts and skeletons within graves.
4) Adam Rupert the father received 500 (5) acres, while sons Francis, Pader (later Peter), Peterand John each received 100 acres in Osnabruck in addition to the 100 acres that Francis and Peter had received in Charlottenburg Township in 1784.
also features in Nissaga de pader and other non-daily series such as Ventdelpla (2005-10) Mar de fons (2006-7) and even Infidels (2009-11).
in the districts of Gulu, Kitigum, and Pader, have been displaced; and
Efforts by politicians belonging to the NRM to mobilize support for the establishment of the 'Frontier Guards' and 'Elephant Brigade' auxiliary force in Kitgum, Pader and Gulu districts, respectively, did not, therefore, yield much success.
In the late 1970s, PADOH collaborated with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources or PADER (now the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or PADEP) on health issues for home owners impacted by gases, particularly carbon monoxide.
After landing at a dusty airstrip in Pader, she went to meet some of the country's so-called displaced children at Lagotcugu primary school and watch them perform.