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PaeonPaeonic (linguistics)
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IL (aisle, isle, I'll, I yell), AL, LRG, NLG6, NIL8, RA, RT, SN9, SQ, SSS, AVN, OA, B10, 134, B9, KG, DK, D9'(denyin'), XTC, LMN8, MN8, NV, SKP, SA, XX (execs, exacts), 4A, 4M (forerim, forum), 4C, `AZ (hazy), `R10 (hearten), `I10 (heighten), LO, IC, MNCT, NDN, N8, NO cents, N10CT, N2, IR (ire, eyer), IV, JL, OBDNC (obediency), ODS, PN (paean, paeon, peon, peein'), 6S, TNMN[] (Tianamen Square), 110 (wantin', wanton, want in), YL (while, wile), Y10, YR (whyer, wire), EN
Claudia Morgado Escanilla's hot paeon to voyeurism, Sabor A Mi, was selected for the 1999 Sundance Film Festival short film program.
Unweaving the Rainbow is a paeon to the beauty of scientific understanding.
Thus, Hunt's concluded its paeon to the commercializing continent: "Now the interests of everyone are all intertwined together .
First a paeon of praise for "an all too short life.
Clark, continues Brooks's argument but in a modulation of key; it is a paeon to human sensibility in duet: one voice sings of the irreducibility of moral beauty; the other, a lightly ominous bass, reminds us that we are creatures born into and reared according to natural mysteries of endowment and structure.
12) Austin's formulation that the Homeric poems indeed act as 'one vast and joyful paeon to correspondece'.
This medical use is reflected in the plant's name, said to commemorate Paeon, physician of the Greek gods and discoverer of the plant's curative properties.
The pair finally bring their respective parts to a satisfactory whole in a paeon to the pleasures of removing one's Y-fronts, and a fond farewell wave of the fingers.
They occur in bacchic or cretic verse, and the fourth paeon occurs as a syncopated iambic or trochaic metron.