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PGDPreimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
PGDPrimary Graft Dysfunction (acute lung injury)
PGDPridobitev Gradbenega Dovoljenja (Slovenian: Obtaining Building Permits)
PGDPostgraduate Diploma
PGDPower, Generation, & Distribution (energy; various organizations)
PGDProfessional Graphics Display
PGDPreïmplantatie Genetische Diagnostiek (Dutch: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)
PGDPage Down
PGDProduct Group (US Marine Corps)
PGDPhosphogluconate Dehydrogenase
PGDPermanent Ground Deformation (earthquakes)
PGDPolicy for Global Development
PGDPain Generating Disc (pathophysiology)
PGDPhpGmailDrive (file sharing utility)
PGDPure Gonadal Dysgenesis
PGDPharonic Guardian (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
PGDPretty Good Die (integrated circuit production)
PGDParticipación, Gobernabilidad y Desarrollo (Spanish: Participation, Governance and Development)
PGDProduct Group Directorate (USMC)
PGDPolymer Gel Display
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The ECHO understands that the organisation took the page down because it did violate its statement of rights and responsibilities.
According to, taking the threats seriously, CA has contacted Facebook to shut the page down and has also alerted authorities in Melbourne.
VVFROM front page down suggestions of a huge dispersal or sale, saying: "There is a review of the whole operation ongoing but His Highness's interest in racing is undiminished - that is very important - and I am sure he will still be at the top meetings this year."
The text, in white ink on black, is sparse, leaving the reader to enter imaginatively into the mostly double-page illustrations that focus from above and move page by page down into the night-city visited by angels.
Facebook took his page down about five hours after Thaxton allegedly entered a benefits administration company's office with a gun and asked to see the man he took hostage.
I invite you to read the next paragraph, then put the page down and try it for yourself.
But following correspondence between the South Wales Echo and the Ministry of Justice, an investigation into the page was launched and yesterday the decision was made to take the page down.
I also recall reading on the page the threat that, should Facebook take the page down, all Arabs would boycott Facebook.
"Braun engineers offer consumers safety, reliability and durability in appliances and grooming products that are finely worked right Continued on page down to the smallest detail."
Evans' opinion was protected and noted her suspension came two months after she took the page down. "Evans' speech falls under the wide umbrella of protected speech," Judge Garber wrote
It also offers express keys for page up, page down, eraser and undo functions.
If content is displayed from an attached memory device, from a computer connected by USB cable or via wireless, users also have the added advantage of being able to control page up and page down on presentations using only the remote control included with the projector.