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In parallel, review pageviews on Black Friday and Cyber Monday beat the November daily average by 77% and 84%, respectively.
Now, if you divide your pageviews by session, you'll get the average amount of pages someone saw when they visited, also known as Pages / Session.
Unique pageviews are said to have grown from 140,000-plus in January to nearly 600,000 pageviews this month, attributed to increased digital marketing by YaDig and growing user demand.
The English website garnered the most important part of the traffic with 86,274,051 pageviews and 5,759,383 absolute unique visitors.
Government Employee Salary Database - 19,186,667 pageviews
com is the largest ad and online shopping website having more than 20 millions of visitors per month and more than 2 billions of pageviews.
net can track virtually every mouse-click GifWorks generates, Green adds, he knows that users typically spend a good deal of time with the program--upwards of 30 pageviews per visitor.
Generating millions of pageviews per month, RumorFix has gained the respect of pop culture fanatics, celebrities, managers, agents and publicists and has garnered the attention of Fortune 500 advertisers.
Under Scrutiny, Perry Walks Back HPV Decision - 152,826 pageviews
In April 2011, the site as a whole received 10,585 Absolute Unique Visitors and 66,509 pageviews.
Will add estimated 80 million monthly pageviews to CrowdGather network traffic