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PAHSPrincess Anne High School (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
PAHSPort Angeles High School (Port Angeles, Washington)
PAHSPassive Annual Heat Storage
PAHSPrince Andrew High School
PAHSPen Argyl Area High School (Pennsylvania)
PAHSPort Allegany School District (Pennsylvania)
PAHSPinconning Area High School (Pinconning, Michigan)
PAHSPeriarthritis Humeroscapularis
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The contaminants in wastewater include not only heavy metals but also many organic compounds such as PAHs (Hao, Wang, & Li, 2010; Zhang et al.
It found some PAHs in coal tar sealcoats that were 30 times more toxic than one of the most common PAH compounds that was studied previously in these products by the U.
At outdoor points, the most common sources of PAHs was both from petrol and diesel combusted vehicles, and diesel fumes from generator sets," the study by S.
According to the National Cancer Institute, PAHs are formed when the juices and fitt from grilled meats drip onto the fire or heat source, causing flames.
Pyrogenic and petrogenic sources are two major origins of anthropogenic PAHs in the environment.
The airborne emissions of PAHs (2003) have been shown to be comparable to PAHs concentrations in the urban air, and the dioxine emissions (2007) have been close to the detection limit, 4 pg/[m.
These PAHs form metabolites in the body that can directly destroy the normal structure of DNA and subsequently cause the formation of abnormal proteins and cancerous tumors.
To test the idea that PAHs were responsible, we measured and computed PAH spectra under astronomical conditions, creating the world's largest collection of PAH spectra.
We successfully analyzed two dust samples for PAHs in 201 homes and successfully analyzed only the second dust sample for PAHs in three homes.
The team also found that kids exposed to a lot of PAHs made excess amounts of an antibody called immunoglobulin E, or IgE.
Four PAHs (naphthalene, acenaphthene, phenanthrene and anthracene) were extracted by Soxhlet extraction and direct ultrasonic technique from the agricultural and urban soil samples of refinery adjacent area in Rawalpindi district of Pakistan.