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Noenoelani uses the pahu drum which, according to Hawaiian tradition, was brought to Hawai'i from an ancient homeland known as Kahiki by La'amaikahiki, sometime around AD1250.
Three dances are usually performed in the pahu tradition:
34) Examples of Bentian neighbours who have almost entirely or in great numbers converted to Islam-and in the process typically 'become Malay' (masuk Melayu) and lost their former identity--are the Pahu of the Muara Pahu area, various Bawos in Pasir and adjacent areas of Kutai, and the Teweh River Luangans.
The troops were on their way to their headquarters in Bohek Suyak village in Ungkayapukan when they were ambushed by the bandits at vicinity Junction Amaloy-Bohe Pahu.
At Sibolga (Sumatra, NAAL 90%), in the Aek Pahu area, first pass drilling was completed on the Monyet (Monkey) prospect.
Tenders are invited for Strengthening/Upgradation of Pahu Lajoora Road Km 1st to Km 3rd by way of 75mm wet mix in streches and 50mm thick Macadam, 25mm thick semidense and 6mm seal coat (Length 3 Km)
At Aek Pahu (Sumatra, NAAL 90 percent), drilling tested mineralisation over 1,500m strike length on the Monyet prospect.
At Sibolga (Sumatra, NAAL 90 percent), scout drilling continued on the Monyet prospect, in the Aek Pahu area.
On the Sibolga COW (Sumatra, NAAL 90 percent) drilling continued on the Monyet, Bedrock, and Harimau prospects, in the Aek Pahu area.
On the Sibolga COW (Sumatra, NAAL 90 percent) drilling, mapping and rock chip sampling continued at Aek Pahu.
On the Sibolga COW (Sumatra, NAAL 90 percent), drilling in the Aek Pahu area continued on the Black Monkey, Bedrock, and Harimau prospects.
On the Sibolga COW (Sumatra) results are awaited from five drillholes on the Black Monkey, Bedrock and Hariman prospects in the Aek Pahu area, where surface values up to 11g/t have been recorded from epithermal mineralisation.