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In a statement the company said: "Tata Steel has allowed Stuart Wilkie, currently hub director for Tata Steel Europe's Strip Products UK business, temporary paid leave of absence to give him sufficient opportunity to develop the management buyout bid for Tata Steel UK that he intends to lead.
Brady, whose great-grandfather served as governor in the early 1900s, has taken a paid leave of absence to distance himself from the publication, according to editors.
On March 1, after a two-week paid leave of absence for the staffers for insubordination, the two sides went their separate ways.
Zeevi Holdings Group suspended all Balkan Airlines flights on 15 February and gave about 70% of the carrier's workforce one month's paid leave of absence on 20 February.
But then it was agreed that a period of paid leave of absence would follow while governors decided whether to pursue disciplinary action.
In over thirty years at Columbia, she never received a paid leave of absence in which to carry out her research.
The main elements are: a reduction of the replacement rates for persons on paid leave of absence from the labour market; mandatory job offers to young recipients of social assistance; abolishing public support to repair and maintenance of owner-occupied houses; and converting the postal service to a publicly owned commercial enterprise.
All but two companies responding to the survey offer some type of paid leave of absence.
As per the terms agreed upon with the union, General Motors granted employees a paid leave of absence from August 2013 until December 31, said the director.
3p as reports suggested six of its traders had been suspended in connection with the global probe into alleged foreign exchange fixing, with two RBS traders also believed to be on paid leave of absence as part of the investigations.
McGann was placed on an immediate paid leave of absence in February, Marlboro High School Principal Mary Carlson served as both principal and interim superintendent.
Martin, the sports marketing director for AXA Equitable for the past decade, has been granted a paid leave of absence for his journey.