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PVZPartij voor Zeeland (Dutch: Party for Zeeland; Netherlands)
PVZPlants versus Zombies (online game)
PVZPainesville, Ohio (Airport Code)
PVZProtoss Versus Zerg (Starcraft game)
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James' Church, Painesville, Ohio (Painesville, Ohio: Easter, 1869).
Painesville, Ohio -- Climate change is not in the future for the northeastern part of the United States, it's already happening.
Verizon Wireless, Painesville, Ohio, the wireless company with the highest customer loyalty, has activated a new cell site in Painesville, Ohio, which will enable more customers to use their wireless phones concurrently to make calls; send and receive email and text, picture and video messages; access the Internet; and download games and ringtones, while enjoying clearer reception and fewer dropped calls.
They donned the bright yellow outfits outside the court in Painesville, Ohio, and waved signs reading "No Chicken Ranch in Painesville" - a reference to the famous Chicken Ranch brothel in Nevada where prostitution in legal.
The burn conducted with the city of Painesville, Ohio, Department of Utilities combined Buckeye's high-sulfur Ohio coal and K-Fuel refined coal in stack verification testing to assess compliance with the new Federal Industrial Boiler MACT Rule, effective September 13, 2007.
Some students in Painesville, Ohio, were equally puzzled.
Painesville, Ohio, resident Kenyata Reid, whom a judge sentenced to three hours in silence alone in a forest.
For help with your next project contact: Avery Dennison Specialty Tape Division, 250 Chester Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077.
She arrived in 1918, fresh out of Lake Erie College, a genteel young ladies' school in Painesville, Ohio, and stayed to become a self-styled "permanent visitor" who observed the natives with the sophistication of an insider and the wide-eyed innocence of an eternal small-towner.
On a recent trip to the Phillips Osborne School in Painesville, Ohio, Summerfield and Levicoff encountered just that mystique.