PAJOPersian American Jewish Organization
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The paper reported that Pajo Barangay Captain (village chief) Junard Chan went around the area to check with residents of the sea-side village in order to find the parents who abandoned the infant, believed to have been born at dawn on February 22, Thursday.
Presenter Ryan Tubridy and the nation watchedTn apwy as Pajo correctly predicted Dublin would win last year's All-Ireland football final by picking a bale of hay from Dublin rather than Mayo.
ISpMSCtw th fo Sa "I'm delighted, Pajo definitely has a future in sports prediction.
Pajo played mainly solo, with a bass player who joined him for every second or third song.
The PAJO style was modern swing partly influenced by bigband jazzrock (inspiration ranging from Mel Lewis and Thad Jones to Gil Evans or Don Ellis).
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that Macedonian ambassador to Israel Pajo Avirovik was convened in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Not all of these, it should be noted, are simultaneously plant names, although among the examples just given the only exceptions are Pajo and 'Uda.
a Ildegarde III, ix, 292 ne meno nemmeno III, ix, 292 gioja gioia III, ix, 292 E, quando E quando III, ix, 292 un'occhio un occhio III, ix, 292 pajo paio
In this book, Pajajopi Bamatojasi, called Pajo for short, is the last of a hated race of hair-covered, smelly creatures called potheems.
q Manchester, Roadhouse DAVID PAJO + Alexander Tucker
Work satisfaction was measured using the four-item Personal Growth subscale combined with the one-item measure of global job satisfaction from the Multidimensional Job Satisfaction Scale (MJSS; Shouksmith, Pajo, & Jepsen, 1990).