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PAKSPeople Assisting Kindred Spirits (Tucson, AZ)
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This solution, based on Indus Asset Suite software, is designed to help Paks NPP develop plant maintenance best practices.
As part of the 15-month implementation, Accenture and Indus worked with Paks NPP to streamline business processes and integrate and replace approximately 60 technical applications.
Nutrition and hydration are critically important for even short trips; these paks make it easy and lightweight.
The Electronic Arts Top Ten Pak includes complete versions of the following titles: Kasparov's Gambit(TM), Grand Slam Bridge(TM) II, Chuck Yeager's Air Combat(TM), Indianapolis 500(R): The Simulation(TM), PGA TOUR(R) Golf, Wing Commander(TM) II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi(TM) Deluxe Edition, Ultrabots(TM), Financial Workshop(TM), Ultima(R) VII: The Black Gate(TM), and Seal Team(TM).
Under the agreement, Accenture will support Paks Nuclear Power Plant's asset-management capabilities by helping the company classify and prioritize maintenance work, improve reliability, reduce recurring maintenance, optimize inventory levels and availability of spare parts, predict equipment failures and accelerate response times to internal and external partners.
UK's eLED Dive Pak lights provide high-intensity light that virtually never burn out, will not break and allow the batteries to last 3-4 times longer, saving users' money in the long run.
The DISH Network Value Pak with HBO/Cinemax provides more than 125 channels and starts at $49.
In addition, the decrease in prices in our new DISH Network Value Paks is yet another example of how families can save money and enjoy a greater variety of channel choices.
To prepare for the rate change, Neopost and other mail vendors must ship rate paks to their customers.
To prepare for the rate change, Neopost and other mail vendors must ship rate paks to be inserted into their customers' postal scales in order for the scales to be automatically updated with the new rates.
Optika's Acorde B2B Paks enable companies to expand upon existing enterprise and line-of-business software deployments while adding extensive process control and document access capabilities.
Just like other Tetra Pak aseptic packaging, the Tetra Prisma container is made of paper, aluminum foil, and polyethylene that together keep the wine safe while ensuring freshness and great taste.