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After several years of development work, Arca Systems is launching a revolutionary collapsible pallet container called ComboFructus for liquid distribution.
He had spent five years of his life planning the trip.'' pH Europe operate a sales and rental network for bulk containers (IBCs) and folding pallet containers. A fundraising initiative is run side-by-side with The Coldest Journey expedition, with the aim of raising $10 million for the Seeing is Believing charity, which fights preventable blindness around the world.
Before approaching ABB, Kraft Food recognised the need to introduce a robotics solution that would meet the growing demands at the chocolate factory, including: automatically feeding chocolates to five foil-wrapping machines, collecting and merging the packaged products for placement in pallet containers, maximising access for monitoring, cleaning, service and maintenance, accommodating a three-shift operation, using simple component designs and providing a simple operating system to facilitate frequent changes in personnel.
The Xytec line of collapsible pallet containers consists of 32 x 30; 48 x 40; and 48 x 45 inch footprints in several heights and styles.
A full line of modular tunnel washers for trays, tote boxes, pallets and pallet containers that can be designed to meet 3-A sanitary standards is being introduced by WRH Industries, Ltd.
There's enough storage capacity available to maintain up to 4,000 pallets and approximately 20,000 pallet containers.
The seven guidelines are: 1) Pallet free-fall test drop; 2) Maximum allowable load for plastic pallets in static storage rack applications; 3) Static floor stack and fork tine deflections for plastic pallets; 4) Stacked dynamic load capacity of thermoplastic and thermoset containers; 5) Container free-fall drop test; 6) Testing requirements and acceptance criteria for thermoplastic and thermoset pallet containers; and 7) Column yield strength of thermoplastic and thermoset containers.
Products include Xytec collapsible pallet containers and lids, 48 x 45 in., 48 x 40 in., 32 x 30 in.
At the recent Food and Meat exhibition in Manchester, Arca Systems -- experts in returnable transit packaging -- introduced their Big Box plastic pallet containers with Microban[R] antibacterial protection.