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POSSPolyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes
POSSPoint of Sale Software (various organizations)
POSSPalomar Observatory Sky Survey
POSSPoint of Sale Subsystem
POSSPlant Operator Selection System
POSSProject of State Significance (Tasmania, Australia)
POSSPoint of Slope Selection
POSSPrecipitation Occurrence Sensor System
POSSPuckett Observatory Supernova Search
POSSPassive Optical Satellite Surveillance
POSSPalm Operating System Simulator
POSSPrototype Optical Surveillance System
POSSParallel Pair of Open-and Shorting-Stubs (microwave theory)
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The Abell Catalogue of Rich Clusters of Galaxies presented a larger sample of 2,712 northern-hemisphere clusters, also found by searching the plates of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS), and published by George Abell in 1958.
Although some were previously known, Vorontsov-Velyaminov discovered most of them by visual inspection of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey plates.
A Palomar Observatory Sky Survey plate of M78 obtained through a red filter on November 29, 1951, revealed no trace of the nebula.
This scanned version of the venerable Palomar Observatory Sky Survey plates, augmented with Southern Hemisphere Schmidt-camera plates, gave astronomers instant access to a photographic atlas to around 20th magnitude.
Blair and Ravi Sankrit (Johns Hopkins University) and colleagues compared a 1997 Hubble Space Telescope image with a 1953 Palomar Observatory Sky Survey plate to measure the Loop's slight expansion during the intervening 44 years.