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PAMELAPayload for Antimatter Matter Exploration and Light-nuclei Astrophysics
PAMELAParticle Accelerator for Medical Applications (physics)
PAMELAPressioni Arteriose Monitorate e Loro Associazioni (Italian: Blood Pressure Monitors and Their Associations; study)
PAMELAPedestrian Accessibility and Movement Environment Laboratory (University College London; UK)
PAMELAPhased Array Mirror Extendible Large Aperture (optics; US NASA)
PAMELAProduction Automatisée de Messages Liés Aux Alertes
PAMELAPictorial Ada Method for Every Large Application
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Complying, Richardson discovered the possibilities of the letter form as a means of telling stories, and hence proceeded to write his first novel, 'Pamela, [Footnote: He wrongly placed the accent on the first syllable.] or Virtue Rewarded,' which was published in 1740.
His first heroine, Pamela, is a plebeian serving-maid, and his second, Clarissa, a fine-spirited young lady of the wealthy class, but both are perfectly and completely true and living, throughout all their terribly complex and trying experiences.
Pamela, with her serving-maid's practical efficiency, proves able to take care of herself, but the story of the high-bred and noble-minded Clarissa is, with all possible deductions, one of the most deeply-moving tragedies ever committed to paper.
The spiritual vulgarity of the doctrine, so far as material things are concerned, is clearly illustrated in the mechanically virtuous Pamela, who, even in the midst of the most outrageous besetments of Squire B , is hoping with all her soul for the triumph which is actually destined for her, of becoming his wife and so rising high above her original humble station.
When Richardson's 'Pamela' appeared Fielding was disgusted with what seemed to him its hypocritical silliness, and in vigorous artistic indignation he proceeded to write 'The History of Joseph Andrews,' representing Joseph as the brother of Pamela and as a serving-man, honest, like her, in difficult circumstances.
Reed's lace frills, and crimped her nightcap borders, fed our eager attention with passages of love and adventure taken from old fairy tales and other ballads; or (as at a later period I discovered) from the pages of Pamela, and Henry, Earl of Moreland.
THE GUARDIAN; THE TATLER; Richardson's PAMELA; Mackenzie's MAN OF FEELING; Roscoe's LORENZO DE MEDICI; and Robertson's CHARLES THE FIFTH--all classical works; all (of course) immeasurably superior to anything produced in later times; and all (from my present point of view) possessing the one great merit of enchaining nobody's interest, and exciting nobody's brain.
Cherryl, who lives in Stourbridge, recounts the story: "Pamela's strict father would not let her walk out with a boy so she prepared meals for him and his friends at the hotel, then the tables were pushed back and they danced.
The ceremony was one of the highlights of a Jubilee party at Bulkington WMC, when Pamela was presented with gifts and bouquets from her greatgrandchildren and also received a commemorative mug from club chairman Tom Coughtrie.
Pamela initially completed her general training at Prince Henry Hospital in Sydney in 1961 followed by her midwifery training at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide.
This excellent book derives from Thomas Keymer and Peter Sabor's previous joint work--The 'Pamela' Controvery: Criticisms and Adaptations of Samuel Richardson's 'Pamela', 1740-1750, 6 vols (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2001), which provided headnotes to the facsimiles of the many pamphlets, parodies, plays, verses, illustrations, and other printed matter generated by the 'Epidemical Phrenzy' caused by Richardson's best-seller.
Pamela Liebman credited the surge in condo development, the gentrification of New York City neighborhoods as well as real estate's limitless boundaries, as driving new growth and more opportunities.