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Tenders are invited for Pan and Tilt Camera System for F6A Remotec Robot
Pan and tilt rotation allows over 285 degrees of viewing angle while spinning around the forks of the camera head.
A tripod equipped with a video head will greatly improve the end results of your pan and tilt moves.
The new camera is features pan and tilt, audio detection, and a Wi-Fi repeater mode, among other things.
For rendering thermal images on a Mulifunction Display, two versions of the FLIR Navigator II camera were produced, a fixed-mount and a pan and tilt unit.
The SynthoCam[TM] CCTV Pan and Tilt model is said to offer remote control and adjustable light and focus capability, enabling 360-degree circumferential vision in metal pipelines.
One of the unique features to the Encore Wireless Internet Security Camera is the pan and tilt capability which allows for greater surveillance coverage of any area.
It allows the camera to emulate traditional pan-tilt-zoom functions entirely within the camera, providing smooth pan and tilt in the area of the widescreen high definition source image.
Designed for medium-to large-sized meeting rooms, Maestro features wide angle view camera with extensive zoom, pan and tilt, powerful live presentations through one-step PC plug-in or LAN connection, the ability to view presentations and the presenter simultaneously, and join up to six video sites and five audio sites with embedded MultiSite functionality.
Prequalification are invited for Supply and Installation of Pan and Tilt Heads with separate remote controller RI15-2/MI15.
The self-propelled, robust LAMP II with fiberglass push cable is designed to perform pan and tilt inspections of the mainline sewer pipe while viewing and inspecting a lateral pipe.
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