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Pan-STARRSPanoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System
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The second object, designated C/2014 S3 Pan-STARRS, loops around the sun once every 314,000 years along an orbit that takes it roughly 27 billion kilometers from the sun, or six times farther than Neptune.
March 15 Comet Pan-STARRS is with us until the end of the month.
Professor Stephen Smartt of Queen's University Belfast, chair of the Pan-STARRS Science Council, said: "The huge camera lets us map about one-sixth of the sky every month, in five different colours.
Professor Carlos Frenk of Durham University, the UK's member on the Pan-STARRS board, pictured, said: "Alongside supercomputer simulations of the universe, these data will help us understand the life cycles of galaxies and, if we are very lucky, the nature of the mysterious dark matter and dark energy that control the evolution of our cosmos.
Pan-STARRS, like most telescopes, uses mirrors and lenses to provide pictures of outer space.
The Pan-STARRS - Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System - project will detect one kilometre-diameter asteroids as they head towards the planet and also warn of the approach of smaller rocks down to 300 metres in size.
They will head a UK partnership made up of Queen's University Belfast and the University of Edinburgh, which has joined a select group of US and German institutions to exploit an advanced new telescope, Pan-STARRS on the island of Maui.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- NASA's NEOWISE mission captured a series of infrared images of comet C/2012 K1 -- also referred to as comet Pan-STARRS -- as it swept across our skies in May 2014.
But this year, scientists using a powerful new telescope in Hawaii, part of project called Pan-STARRS, arrived at a different value for w.
The asteroid was first seen as an unusually fuzzy-looking object with the Pan-STARRS survey telescope in Hawaii.
P/2013 P5 first came to the attention of astronomers via the Pan-Starrs Observatory in Mexico.