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PTZPan-Tilt-Zoom (camera)
PTZPhase Transition Zone
PTZPhoto Zenith Tube
PTZPoisson Truncated At Zero Model
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300,000 pixels); wider coverage area through target detection with touring pan-tilt-zoom cameras; and tracking targets between pan-tilt-zoom cameras (as well as fixed to fixed, and fixed to pan-tilt-zoom cameras).
The sxW2 is a low latency in-stream pixel processor that provides designers with advanced system capabilities such as electronic pan-tilt-zoom and image enhancements (ePTZ(TM)) along with de-warp of fish eye lenses.
DynaPel of Fort Meyers, Florida, has introduced Close-View, which simultaneously tracks multiple objects with one pan-tilt-zoom system, allowing users to capture usable identification shots.
This will allow switch and router vendors to provide higher levels of managed power to a broadened range of Ethernet devices, such as Video screen phones, WiMax Transmitters, Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and Thin-clients.
Available exclusively through Richardson Electronics of Houston, Texas, the camera can replace several conventional cameras while maintaining 360-degree total surveillance with virtual pan-tilt-zoom technology and no moving parts.
PowerDsine's PoE Midspans deliver operating power to enterprise devices, such as VoIP phones, Wireless LAN (WLAN) Access Points and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras.
It is a good choice for indoor applications such as retail, financial institutions, and healthcare facilities that require pan-tilt-zoom functionality without the costly performance of larger domes.
SiteIQ is part of an overall security upgrade at the facilities performed by ESC, which collectively includes thermal imaging surveillance cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, digital video recorders, access control systems and other physical security technologies.
Models are designed to power either stationary or pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and are available in indoor and outdoor versions.
It also features variable pan-tilt-zoom speeds, motion detection, and privacy masking.
Users can navigate within a still, live or recorded scene in all directions using digital pan-tilt-zoom.
Pan-tilt-zoom control is provided on the front panel and remotely, and multiple pan-tilt-zoom data protocols are built in.