PancamPanoramic Camera
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We use atmospheric opacities at 880 nm derived from ground-based measurements of the Pancam instrument onboard the Mars Exploration Rovers (Lemmon et al.
The panorama combines exposures taken through Pancam filters centered on wavelengths of 753 nanometers (near infrared), 535 nanometers (green) and 432 nanometers (violet).
The view provides rich geologic context for the detailed chemical and mineral work that the team did at Greeley Haven over the rover's fifth Martian winter, as well as a spectacularly detailed view of the largest impact crater that we've driven to yet with either rover over the course of the mission," said Pancam lead scientist Jim Bell.
Professor Andrew Coates, deputy director of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL), who is leading the team designing the PanCam, says it will work better than the human eye.
As well as the PanCam and the life marker chip, the instruments include a Raman laser spectrometer partly developed by Leicester and Bradford universities.
The ordering relationships are often used between tightly related activities, for example, to specify that a pancam calibration must be within 30 minutes of the associated science imaging activity.
Professor Barnes said: "The PanCam instrument is equipped with two wide angle cameras and a zoom high resolution camera.
At Aberystwyth we will be working on the PanCam Calibration Target (PCT) equipment and software, to identify the mineralogy of the Martian surface and to generate true-colour images of its environment.
Each uses an eight-position filter wheel to create color pictures, but we left one filter-wheel slot on each rover's Pancam empty.
The Panoramic Camera, or Pancam, which has provided incredible vistas of the Martian surface, has been using its full suite of 13 geological filters to perform near-Sun and "sky-survey" imaging.
If we can understand what that outcrop is, we get a little window into the whole region," says Pancam lead scientist Jim Bell (Cornell University).
Pancam, for example, has more than three times the spatial resolution of its Pathfinder counterpart.