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PANNProfessional Association of Nursery Nurses
PannPannonian (linguistics)
PANNPattern Analysis and Neural Networks
PANNPeer Assistance Network for Nurses (Illinois Nurses Association)
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Pann, Johannes; Seliger, Reinhardt and Ubeleis, Julia.
Tricia Pritchard, from Pann, said: "We hope that this will be age-appropriate and flexible as young children develop at different rates.
This alliance with Infravio is intended to eliminate the need for customers to integrate point product solutions for Web Services Management with an enterprise systems management solution," said David Pann, vice president of product management and marketing at NetIQ.
I would like to remind picketing Unison members that their dispute is with their local council and not with PANN members who have been supporting their campaign.
It will set 'strict criteria' for nannies in the absence of a statutory registration scheme but continue to press the Government to set one up, said PANN professional officer Tricia Pritchard.
However, the majority of research on motivation for sport consumption (Milne & McDonald, 1999; Pann, Gabert, & McGaugh, 1997; Sloan, 1989; Wann, 1995; Kahle, et al.
Winner in the Best New Meat Product was Pan Fry Chicken with White Wine and Grape Sauce made for ASDA by Wrexham company Pann Krisp.
Helgi Jonsson's comment in his first editorial in the Icelandic weekly Leifur, which was named after the Norse explorer himself: "Tilgangur bess ad lata bladid heita Leif, er sa ao reyna ao utbreioa heour pann, er Leifur a skilio fyrir ao hafa fundio heimsalfu pessa, og sem Kolumbus sioar hlaut Po ao Islendingar sjeu fataekur og famennur pjooflokkur, pa er pao mjog osanngjarnt ao lofa peim ekki ao eiga pann heour, er peir eru sannir erfingar ao og pvi; finnst mjer pao illa gjort af Noromonnum ao vilja eigna sjer hann ao ollu leyti, bar scm faoir Leifs var busettur a Islandi, og hann sjalfur faeddur bar og uppalinn til fullordins ara, po; hann ao eins faeri til Noregs og dveldi bar urn tima.
Also on the Wrexham site are separate affiliated factories run by Pann Krisp Ltd.
When psychologist James Pann and his team set out to create EvalPlace, he wanted to differentiate the web-based performance management system for the health and human services fields by making it HIPAA compliant.
Paul Pann ENTERTAINMENT: The Christmas market "I could hear a lovely drunken song about defecating on the Villa at about half-one as I was on the way to a job interview.
Paul Pann TOP COMMENT "Good idea we need to cover the cost of policing this culture of binge drinking.