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2007, Paleomagnetic detection of Tertiary rotations in the Southern Pannonian Basin (Fruska Gora).
These rock formations illustrates the geological processes that have marked the south-western border of Rodnei mountains after the rising from hercynian and laramide orogeny, respectively the deposition of postaustrian sedimentary couverture, and intrusion of pannonian magmas (Figure 5).
2007) who suggested that the tetraploid 'Festuca pallens' along the northern fringes of the Pannonian region (and in its xero-thermophilous grassland vegetation) is actually Festuca csikhegyensis Simonk.
He was treated badly, kept in cold and rain, and brutally attacked with a horsewhip by the angry Salzburg Bishop Hermanrich, who lost his rich Pannonian diocese and its income.
The latest update concerns 20 Member States and covers all nine of the network's bio-geographical regions a the Alpine, Atlantic, Black Sea, Boreal, Continental, Macaronesian, Mediterranean, Pannonian and Steppic regions.
The negative attitude of the Goths towards the Romanian Empire changed in the era of Marcus Aurelius (161-180AD) when the Germanic clans known as Quadi and Marcomanny allied to attack the side of top of Danube at Pannonian.
000 square meters on what could have been an island in the Pannonian Sea, which today is the most fertile land of Hungary, northern Serbia and Croatia.
The northeastern parts reach into the Pannonian Basin, while in the south it approaches the Adriatic Sea with a Mediterranean climate.
The climate in the regional or local scale such as the Pannonian Plain, Dinaric Alps, Shar Massif, Pelagonian Ravine and similar is called mezoclimate, and it in the surface air--up to 2 meters high, or in a small space: the hill, field, forest, town square, etc, is called the micro-climate.
The new additions cover six bio-geographical regions - the Alpine, Atlantic, Boreal, Continental, Mediterranean and Pannonian regions.
May 24, popularly known as the Day of Saint Cyril, is the day when we recall the deeds of the great brothers of Tessaloniki, Cyril and Methodius, the authors of the first Slav alphabet with which a number of church texts were translated in the 9th century in the language of the Macedonian Slavs from the region of Tessaloniki, and in which the famous Pannonian Legends were written.
A new item appeared among the taxable bee products exported from Muntenia: the mead, or hydromel, which was served as drink to Priscus, a Byzantium envoy sent to Attila, who stopped in Banat in his way to the Pannonian Field [1,5,16,18].