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PZGPiloten zonder Grenzen (Dutch: Pilots without Borders)
PZGPanZerGrenadier (German: motorized or mechanized infantry)
PZGProfessional Zooarchaeology Group (UK)
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The 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division tried to reverse the lost momentum with its heavy weapons, but it was effectively neutralized by tanks from the 14th Armored Division and tank destroyers (armored vehicles each equipped with a heavy gun or rocket launcher for the sole purpose of attacking tanks) from the Century Division.
Soldiers from the Royal Welsh and the Panzergrenadier Brigade - the descendants of the original regiments - also serenaded each other with Christmas carols before playing a commemorative football match.
He focuses on Der Fuhrer Panzergrenadier Regiment and describes background on the division from 1939 to 1943 and the structure and makeup of the motorized infantry formation, from the regiment to the platoon level, and the heavy weapons, flak, artillery, reconnaissance, and supply elements.
In the early hours of the morning of 10th June 1944, Waffen-SS troops of the 4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division massacred more than 200 Greek civilians and burnt down their property, reportedly in revenge for a partisan attack.
Here and in the surrounding countryside during the days ira mediately following D-Day, Canadians attempted to expand the bridgehead and fought some very fierce battles against elements of the 12th SS Panzer Division and, in particular, Colonel Kurt Mever's 25th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment.
A team from the Germany's Panzergrenadier Battalion 371 provided the opposition as they formed the Saxon Infantry against whom the 2nd Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers played football on Christmas Day 1914.
In his book Panzergrenadier Divisions, 1939-45, Chris Bishop wrote, "As late as 1942, the U.
Esta masacre fue perpetrada por la 16[grados] Division de las Panzergrenadier Reichsfurher entre el 29 de septiembre y el 5 de octubre de 1944 en varias localidades cerca de la ciudad de Bolonia al norte de Italia; el objetivo: eliminar la Brigada Estrella Roja de los partisanos italianos, las fuerzas guerrilleras antifascistas.
The BFC was transferred to Stettin and assigned to the III SS-Germanische Panzerkorps 11, SS Panzergrenadier Division Nordland.
He also fails to catch the atmosphere of boredom and gloom which settled during 1941-42, and the dreadful conviction, born of defeat in Norway, Belgium, France, Greece, Libya and Crete, that the Germans were simply better at soldiering and that an Englishman was not turned into a Panzergrenadier by dressing him in a brown suit in which he resembled a London County Council park-keeper.
The German Panzertroops, elements of five panzer and panzergrenadier divisions, were superior in numbers compared to the American infantry division.
The Italian ANSA news agency reported that indictments were issued against Gerhard Sommer, 83; Alfred Schonenberg, 83; and Ludwig Sonntag, 80 - all former members of the infamous SS Panzergrenadier Division now living in Germany.