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PAPADProfessional Alliance for Peace and Democracy (Nepal)
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3,000/- (about $70/-) for rolling papad from home for 6 hours of manual labor.
Some 48 associations including Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI), Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Professional's Alliance for Peace and Democracy (PAPAD) and Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), among others, are jointly organising the peace assembly.
People want pilau and papad to coexist even if they are not available in the same restaurant.
In the center there was a large bowl of steamed white rice and next to it a large, soft roti to dip in food along with papad, a round, paper thin, crisp cracker that added a contrast in texture to the other dishes.
Most products are made on rotation during the week but Fridays are reserved for the firm's top sellers - black pepper, green chilli, cumin and papad flavoured poppadums.
Its unique list of ingredients includes: the Bhoot Jolokia, one of the hottest chillies in the world that comes from North East India, the sundried Mango Aam Papad from Amritsar in the North, Pink Salt from the Himalayas, and the unique South Indian Podi Masala.
Some of these include junk food, fried food like papad and chips, pickles, heavily spiced food, heavy to digest food like pulses, garlic, hot spices like cloves, red chilli and cinnamon.
This lends a smoky aroma to the food being cooked, such as nuts, papad, meat, etc.
It was a day when almost all families in Bengal would relish a hot meal of 'khichuri' (a rice and lentil mish-mash), the accompaniments would be hilsa fry, begunis (crisply fried fritters of brinjal) and papad (poppadom).
Quality Mark Trust bestowed 30+ industries with the award, some of them are: - Agrawal Papad, Indore - SSA International Ltd.