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PBTProvider Backbone Transport (networking technology adding determinism to ethernet)
PBTPolybutylene Terephthalate
PBTPermian Basin Royalty Trust (Bank of America)
PBTProfit Before Tax
PBTPemberton (Amtrak station code; Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada)
PBTPaper Based Test (education)
PBTPediatric Brain Tumor
PBTPro Basketball Talk (National Broadcasting Company)
PBTPush Button Technology
PBTProfiler Binary Table
PBTProvider Backbone Transport
PBTPreliminary Breath Test(ing)
PBTPersistent Bioaccumulative Toxic (chemical)
PBTPittsburgh Ballet Theatre (Pennsylvania)
PBTPowder Blue Tang (fish)
PBTProblem Behavior Theory (psychology)
PBTPhlebotomy Technician
PBTPlan B Technologies (Bowie, MD)
PBTPetroleum Business Tax (New York)
PBTPacific Business Trust (New Zealand)
PBTPit Bull Terrier
PBTProton Beam Therapy
PBTParentage Based Tagging
PBTPersonal Best Time (sports)
PBTPush Button Telephone
PBTPerformance-Based Training
PBTPortable Breath Tester
PBTPayback Time
PBTPhiladelphia Business Today (Philadelphia, PA)
PBTPiebald Trait (Piebaldism)
PBTPlate Brake Tester (equipment)
PBTPassenger Booking Total (airline)
PBTPeanut Butter Time
PBTPulsing Bladeturn (gaming)
PBTPebete (Argentina, sandwich type)
PBTprostate brachytherapy
PBTPeterborough Bus Times (UK)
PBTPeribronchial Thickening (radiology)
PBTPay by Transaction (United Kingdom)
PBTPolyclinique Bordeaux Tondu (French private clinic; est. 1914; Bordeaux, France)
PBTPresaturation Bolus Tracking
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It will be a paper based test on the eight exploration tracks of SSS and has been designed according to International standards.
" In the case of a paper based test the same can be done on the question paper itself.
Similarly, Zandvleit and Farragher (1997) also found no significant difference between computer and paper based test scores (also with no indication of proctoring) in an adult education introductory computer science class.
For instance, compared to paper based tests, some academic staff members felt there was a lack of individual comments in CBA with a lengthy written answer format.
An e-test is any test that replicates or replaces paper based tests with a computer screen, also referred to as on-screen tests.
Equality of computer based and paper based tests, studied as matching, refers to the possibility to compare these two forms of testing.
51 per cent preferred computer based testing for more sensitive tests and 34 per cent liked paper based tests better.
* Comparing computer based and paper based tests: many studies investigated the possibility of comparing these two forms of testing.
As computer based and computer adaptive test are generally equal to paper based tests [21] and also, introduce better conditions, it seemed sensible to make use of them.