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PPWKPaper Work
PPWKPolskie Przedsiebiorstwo Wydawnictw Kartograficznych (Polish map publisher)
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The most challenging is the understanding of all the paper work and what is needed by law.
Moreover the paper work has many flaws particularly apprehended delays and embezzlements that could deprive a number of destitute of their right.
RDA Director Engineering Muhammad Akram Soban while confirming the completion of paper work of this project that RDA is facing financial hardships as it has no permanent source of income on monthly and annual basis.
There is still paper work that is being worked on before we go ahead and give a licence to the fourth mobile operator, once all the paper work is done, we can allow a fourth operator to come and boost the communication sector," he said.
But officials from Newcastle City Council opened up the bin liner, found the paper work and prosecuted her under the Environmental Protection Act.
According to the Arabic paper work, issued to me at the time of impounding the car, it costs an extra 50 dirhams a day for every day beyond seven days that the car is left in the pound.
With five offices in Brazil and three across the Midlands, Mazars is well placed to deliver on this count and, with a bit of luck, there will be no paper work difficulties to delay your entry to the country.
OTTAWA -- The National Parole Board refuses almost a third of the applications for pardon mainly because of incomplete paper work errors or ineligibility, according to the National Parole Board Performance Monitoring Report.
When I first started, they not only saw more patients in their surgeries, but did home visits, wrote and signed repeat prescriptions, did ante-natal and baby clinics, blood tests and all the paper work that goes with it.
Three areas to concentrate on are who makes the financial decisions for the firm, proof that you own or lease the physical location of your company and that your corporate paper work is in order, said D'Angelo.
The institute has complained that the regulations will tie up auditors and accountants in a mountain of paper work.