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P2EPlant-to-Enterprise (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association International conference)
P2EPassport to Export (awards)
P2EPaper to Electronic (document scanning)
P2EPath to Excellence
P2EPin to Enter (Global-Accés S.L.; Andorra)
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In the first quarter of 2000, Wells Fargo began a project designed to help customers move from paper to electronic payments.
But when parties to business transactions migrate from paper to electronic recordkeeping, many questions surface.
Realizing that not all customers may have the desire to move into a digital technical manual environment at the same time the Navy moves from paper to electronic files, NATEC works with these countries to continue delivering paper documents whenever possible.
Metters firmly believes businesses that successfully make the transition from paper to electronic communications using EDMS methods will find themselves with a strong competitive edge, speed and lower cost.
Brown, chairman of the electronic evidence task force and a former member of the ASB, told the Journal that the move from paper to electronic files presents the auditor with several problems: "With an original paper document, there is a degree of presumption of authenticity you don't have with an electronic file.
For more than a decade now, much has been written about the coming transition from paper to electronic collections in the world's libraries.
The transition from paper to electronic recordkeeping has drastically affected the records we maintain personally in our offices and cubicles.