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P2EPlant-to-Enterprise (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association International conference)
P2EPassport to Export (awards)
P2EPaper to Electronic (document scanning)
P2EPath to Excellence
P2EPin to Enter (Global-Accés S.L.; Andorra)
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The Directorate plans to work later on the gradual transition from paper to electronic transactions, taking into account the necessary laws.
The city's police, code enforcement, and parking enforcement departments will all use the public safety solution to streamline citations by moving from paper to electronic processes.
Procedural rules acknowledging the changes brought about by electronic filing and the switch from paper to electronic documents have been approved by the Rules of Judicial Administration Committee.
Moving from traditional paper to electronic flight strips will offer efficiency benefits for Newcastle.
'Migrating from paper to electronic payments is key to improving payment efficiency, and Paymode-X will significantly enhance our support for clients making that transition.'
The company's complete transition from paper to electronic navigational charts is planned for January 2013.
As reported in Logistics Management, major drivers for this loss include high expenses for the legislatively mandated prefunding of retiree health benefits as well as the ongoing volume decline in First Class Mail volumes--due in large part to the ongoing diversion of mail from paper to electronic communications.
"We have long been aware of billers' growing need for help in migrating customers from paper to electronic solutions7 said Netburn.
In addition, the service offers packaged processes to accelerate the transformation from paper to electronic, including conversion to 100% electronic invoicing, as well as automatic invoice validation, matching, posting and workflow.
Another pitfall in dealing with paper is migrating only a portion of the business records from paper to electronic. Scanning entire libraries of paper records is inefficient, time-consuming and often a drain on budgets.
No matter what appliation a college or university uses, the process of converting from paper to electronic images may never be seamless, acknowledges Chuck Warner, director of university information systems for Shawnee State University (Ohio), which started using a product called Feith Document Database in 2000.