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(2014) [15] showed an optical analysis of a parabolic trough solar collector using a mathematical model for the purpose of determining the optimal acceptance angle and yearly optimal tilt angle of aperture for maximizing radiation.
The present study was therefore undertaken to examine the turbulent forced convection of alumina/dowtherm-A nanofluid inside a non-uniformly heated parabolic trough solar collector receiver equipped by two longitudinal fins, both the single phase and two-phase models are employed.
The greenhouses consist of a state-of-the-art parabolic trough solar collector with a thermal desalination unit supported by photo voltaic technology.
3M's Renewable Energy Division has teamed with Gossamer Space Frames to unveil a new parabolic trough solar collector technology designed to significantly reduce equipment and installation costs for CSP systems used in power generation.
Electricity can also be produced through a solar thermal cycle such as parabolic trough solar collector systems (producing heated oil or steam) or concentrating mirrors focusing radiation on a Stirling engine.
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The solar system is composed of a parabolic trough solar collector with HTF circulating inside the absorber tube located at it focal line.
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Abbreviations COP: Coefficient of thermal performance for the absorption chiller CPC: Compound parabolic solar collector EMS: Energy management system ETC: Evacuated tube solar collector FPC: Flat plate solar collector HVAC: Heat ventilation and air conditioning nZEB: Nearly zero-energy building NZEB: Net zero-energy building PTC: Parabolic trough solar collector SHCS: Solar heating and cooling system TES: Thermal energy storage.
Regarding solar trough collector, a paper is presented for elliptical cavity tube receivers in a parabolic trough solar collector. The authors have designed and optimized the cavity receivers and concluded that the focal distance has a negative relation with the cavity open length, whereas the concentration ratio has a positive relation with the cavity open length.