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PARA PAKParachute Pack
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To give Aarns a smoother ride, Geissler reduced the size of the Skyray, added winglets at the ends of the wings, and redirected airflow to avoid turbulence behind the parachute pack. He also added handles so Aarns could hold the Skyray tight against his body.
He thrust a fire extinguisher inside his jacket, clipped on his parachute pack and activated the escape hatch above the pilot's head.
The parachute pack must not contain pyrotechnics or smoke canisters - these accessories are not acceptable for carriage on our aircraft." Next time we'll take the train, thanks..
Call Allison on 0141 201 0849 for your parachute pack.
'I believe that there is someone out there, more than likely a member of the skydiving community, who knows exactly what happened to Stephen's parachute pack. I am confident we will get that information.
Call Allison on 0141 201 0849 for a parachute pack.
His parachute pack is distinctive but his name was not on it.
I vould like to tell you about de parachute pack. Vhen your copper must skate down steps, he vill jump into de air and pull a cord.