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PRAMPublic Relations Advertising Marketing
PRAMParallel Random Access Machine (informatics)
PRAMParallel Random Access Machine
PRAMPhase Change Ram
PRAMParameter Ram
PRAMPhase-Change Random Access Memory (non-volatile computer memory)
PRAMParameter Random Access Memory (memory used in a Macintosh with a battery to retain system information)
PRAMParents, Resources and More
PRAMPipelined Random Access Memory (Distributed Shared Memory)
PRAMProductivity, Reliability, Availability & Maintainability
PRAMPipeline Risk Assessment Method
PRAMProgrammable Analog Module
PRAMPsychiatric Residents Association of Manitoba
PRAMProbabilistic Risk Assessment Methodology
PRAMPerinatal Research, Audit and Monitoring
PRAMPropelled Rocket Assisted Mine
PRAMPassenger Reservation Army Management System
PRAMPre-Recorded Announcements and Music (aviation)
PRAMPreliminary Reports of Aircraft Mishaps
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The Parallel Random Access Machine (PRAM) [8] is the most popular model for representing and analyzing the complexity of parallel algorithms.
For a given algorithm and problem size, we derive the inherent parallelism as the ratio of the serial execution time and the runtime on an ideal realization of a parallel random access machine (PRAM) (1).
The ability of the strongest parallel random access machine model WRAM is investigated.
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