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PARCOParallel Computing (Conference)
PARCOPublic Administration Reform Coordinator's Office (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
PARCOPak Arab Refining Company
PARCOProfessional Arson Cooperative of Florida
PARCOPortland Advanced Research Company (Portland, OR)
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Next, we introduce the basic principles of the parallel computing and Cannon algorithm, as shown below.
There are two fundamental approaches to parallel computing: distributed memory parallel and shared memory parallel.
Parallel computing is used in the field of earthquake engineering as well (Zhong et al.
To overcome these issues, in addition to implementing massively parallel computing functionality, the new software combines micromagnetics with a finite-element method, enabling it to handle magnetic materials with complex structures, and thereby making it possible to perform large-scale micromagnetic simulations.
Parallel computing is a simple idea that can perform multiple computations at once.
CPU and GPU in One Parallel Computing Multi-Processing Core Architecture, Tapping
This speed enhancement is available through Real-Time Workshop, a code generation tool that now leverages the performance scaling capabilities of Parallel Computing Toolbox and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (MDCS).
Parallel computing; from multicores and GPU's to petascale.
EoACA[pounds sterling]The visualization features in the Quadro 4000, coupled with GPU-accelerated computation for algorithm development and deployment with MATLAB and Parallel Computing Toolbox, are a powerful combination of capabilities for the Mac platform,EoACA[yen] said Silvina Grad-Freilich, manager of parallel-computing marketing, MathWorks.
The program speed-up that parallel computing promises is not without special challenges--for debugging, managing race conditions, synchronization, etc.
Application: Although the research is still at early stage, scientists hope isolating a magnetic monopole will lead to applications such as "magnetricity", a form of magnetic current that could be used instead of electrons in parallel computing.
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