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PIDPacket Identifier
PIDProject Information Document
PIDProcess Identifier
PIDProportional-Integral-Derivative (controller)
PIDProcess Identification
PIDPelvic Inflammatory Disease
PIDPublic Improvement District
PIDProcess Identification Number
PIDProject Initiation Document
PIDParameter Identification
PIDPersonal Identification
PIDPersonally-Identifiable Data
PIDParticle Identification (Nuclear and Particle Physics)
PIDParcel Identification (property registration)
PIDPolitical Intelligence Department (UK)
PIDProportional, Integral, Derivative (process control, programmable logic controllers)
PIDProduct Identification
PIDPhoto Ionization Detector
PIDPassive Infrared Detector
PIDPhotoionization Detector
PIDPatient Identifier (alphanumeric and bar code)
PIDPathway Interaction Database (cancer research)
PIDProportional-Integral-Derivative Control (Instrumentation process control)
PIDProgram Information Document (various organizations)
PIDProduct Item Description
PIDPlayer Id
PIDProduct Id
PIDPersonal Id
PIDProtocol Id
PIDParallel Independent Decoding
PIDProvider Identifier
PIDProtection Id
PIDPublic Id
PIDPersistent Identifier
PIDPacket Id
PIDProportional Integrator Derivator
PIDPhysical Id
PIDProportional Integral Differential
PIDProcess Id
PIDPast International Director
PIDProtocol Identification
PIDPassenger Information Display (software; transportation industry)
PIDProgram Identifier
PIDProperty Income Distribution (various locations)
PIDPennsylvania Insurance Department
PIDNassau, Bahamas - Paradise Island (Airport Code)
PIDPositive Identification
PIDProportional, Integral, Differential
PIDProject Identification
PIDPrincipal Ideal Domain
PIDPaul Is Dead (Paul McCartney urban legend)
PIDPublic Information Display
PIDPress Information Department (Pakistan)
PIDPerson Identifiable Data (formerly Patient Identifiable Data; UK National Health Service)
PIDProtist Image Data
PIDPrimary Immunodeficiency Disease
PIDPersonal Identifying Data (various organizations)
PIDPlan Identification
PIDPurchase Item Description
PIDPersonal Interior Design (Stockholm, NY)
PIDPlanned Industrial Development
PIDParent Identification
PIDProcess-Induced Defect
PIDPartial Initial Decision
PIDPre-Injury Duties (workplace rehabilitation)
PIDProject Identification Document
PIDProjected Image Digital (London, UK)
PIDProlapsed Intervertebral Disc
PIDPartido Institucional Democratico (México, politcal party)
PIDProcess Industries Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
PIDPremises Identification (Alberta, Canada Agriculture and Rural Development program)
PIDPlan Identifier
PIDPoisons Information Database
PIDPlan Identification number
PIDPiping & Instrumentation Diagram
PIDProcurement Item Description
PIDPassword Identifier
PIDPersonnel Increment Number
PIDProportional Integrator Differentiator
PIDProtocol Identifier Data
PIDProgrammable Interrupt Device
PIDProcess & Instrumentation Diagram (also seen as P&ID)
PIDProcess Identification Document
PIDProprietary Information Disclosure
PIDPrime Item Development
PIDProcurement Initiation Document
PIDPrimary Input Device
PIDProgram Introduction Document
PIDParadise In Distress (Golden Earring album)
PIDProject Information Database
PIDProcess Instrument Diagram
PIDProcurement Identification Description
PIDProgram Integration Directorate
PIDProgram Implementation Document
PIDPlan Identification Designator
PIDPrecursor Ion Discovery (mass spectrometry)
PIDPortable Inspection Device
PIDProgram Implementation Directive
PIDPlanned Imaging Data
PIDProgrammable Interface Device
PIDPre-flight Inserted Data (US Navy S-3 and P-3 aircraft)
PIDPlant and Instrumentation Drawing
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The fourth step, the model evaluation, consists of evaluating the mechanism behavior with the set of the identified parameters obtained in the geometric parameter identification procedure, in configurations different from those used in the optimization process.
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The updating procedure can be regarded as a parameter identification technique which aims to fit the unknown parameters of an analytical model such that the model behaviour corresponds as closely as possible to the measured behaviour.
During the parameter identification process for the PV module, the values of the objective function in different optimization algorithms are shown in Table 2.
In conclusion, there are some problems in the parameter identification of Magic Formula.
To demonstrate the proposed four-step framework of SHM, in this section, a specific SHM method is presented which is composed by second-order structural parameter identification as feature extraction method, statistical control chart analysis of identified stiffness for feature analysis step, and system reliability analysis based on identified stiffness for structural system evaluation.
Enhancement of Tire Model Equations for Large Inflation Pressure Variations and Identification of Additional Parameters First, all parameters of the basic Magic Formula tire model are determined separately for every operating point with the above described parameter identification process.
By using correlation function sequence as the interface function, the important information has been carried by the correlation function in data compression which has been hidden in the sequence, and by extracting the parameter information of interface function, it provides the basis for parameter identification [17].
Therefore, the capability of the proposed spectral approach for model updating and parameter identification is validated.
Logic, "Transmission line parameter identification using PMU measurements," European Transactions on Electrical Power, vol.
In the academic aspect, a typical manipulator identification procedure consists of dynamic modelling, excitation trajectory design, data collection, signal preprocess, parameter identification, and model validation [3].