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As shown in Table 5, assuming that, within the Parameter Library [xi] there are four parameters, namely [P.sub.1], [P.sub.2], [C.sub.1] and [C.sub.2], deciding one powertrain performance.
We wish to express our deep thanks and gratitude to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the References Input Parameter Library (RIPL-3) for their published database.
Gary Geller, president of Lasertron (Sunrise, FL) observed, "The machine control takes a huge load off the operator, plus the program is simple, presented in plain language and features a terrific job parameter library. Focal length, nozzle and gas-assist pressures, contour and corner retrace, even frequency and duty cycles are all there in plain English form, for pre-production or in-process set-up and adjustment."