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XTChristmas Tree (subsea oil & gas)
XTExtra Thick
XTX-Ray Technician
XTCross Talk
XTExtended Technology
XTExtreme Terrain (advanced ski or mountain bike areas)
XTCross Train
XTX-ray Tube
XTExotropia (divergent strabismus; outward turning of one or both eyes; aka walleyed)
XTParasolid File (file extension)
XTXtreme Time
XTExtreme Tromboning
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They can then immediately create a new YBC file for the bending machine and a new ParaSolid file for the laser tube cutting machine.
The upgrade provides new Parasolid file format support and includes a new bidirectional Autodesk Inventor interface.
Data translation now includes a high-speed one-pass Initial Graphics Exchange Specification translator and a Parasolid file translator.
Users can now save custom dimensions for non-standard parts as Parasolid files and add Parasolid components that they have modelled themselves, or that they have downloaded, to custom catalogues.
Jamieson et al(1995) have developed the direct slicing approach for Parasolid files and the sliced data is converted in to CLI, HPGL, SLC formats.