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This isn't comparable with the collapse of Parex Bank during the last global financial crisis when the government bought its remaining assets for 1 [euro], split its toxic assets into a separate company and allowed its positive assets to be claimed by Citadele, Parex Bank's successor," writes our Latvian commentator Karlis Streips on page 6.
As of last year, Honeywell UOP licensed more than 100 complexes and more than 700 individual process units for the production of aromatics, including more than 300 CCR Platforming process units, 158 Sulfolane units, 80 Isomar units, 58 Tatoray units, 100 Parex units and 60 Oleflex units worldwide.
All of these common building problems and many more can be quickly and easily cured with the application of Parex render supplied and applied by our experts to give your home a brand new lease of life.
In addition to the pre-mentioned reforms, the Latvian government became a significant actor in the banking sector after nationalizing the Parex Bank.
Parex, the country's second-biggest bank by assets, went bust at end-2008, forcing the Baltic state to seek an international rescue to keep its currency, the lat, pegged to the euro at the same rate.
But the trigger for the financial crisis was a run on Parex in the wake of the Lehman collapse.
Parex burners supplied for endless felts on PMC (paper makers cloth) machinery
With the economy breaking down and the banking system weakened by the collapse of the country's second-largest bank, Parex Banka, the government turned to the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund for assistance in late 2008.
C 328), and Case NN68/2008, Public Support Measures to JSC Parex Banka, 2009 O.
On 15 September, the European Commission authorised the thorough restructuring of Parex that before the crisis was Latvia's second biggest bank in terms of assets, with a total balance sheet of 4.
Latvia-based Parex Bank has received approval from the European Union to divert its good assets into a new bank.