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More than 90% of children get HIV from their mothers through parent to child transmission route, and without treatment 50% of them die by their second birthday.
An ICMR task force study of prevention of parent to child transmission (PPTCT) service delivery in India.
He said that the Programme was also providing treatment and care services to pregnant HIV positive females through its 06 Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission (PPTCT) Centres established at Services Hospital, Lahore, Rehnuma Family Hospital, Lahore, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad, DHQ Hospital, Gujrat, DHQ Hospital Sargodha and DHQ Hospital, Dera Ghazi Khan.
Raising awareness on the Prevention of Parent To Child Transmission Programme and where it is available is another aspect of this work.
"Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV: A Retrospective Study of 5 Years in a Tertiary Centre, Guntur, South India".
The way forward is to prevent all parent to child transmission of HIV; start ART in all HIV positive children and put all children exposed to TB cases on IPT.
From April 2009 to September 2012 all mothers and babies received single dose nevirapine and it has been effective in bringing down parent to child transmission from 30% to 10%.
The global targets are to reduce new paediatric infections by 90%; reduce Parent To Child Transmission (PTCT) to less than 5% at the age of 18 months in children who are breast fed; provide ART to all HIV infected children; and reduce under 5 mortality due to HIV by 50%, by the year 2015.
(1) In India Parent to child transmission is the most important source of HIV infection in children below fifteen years of age.
Early ART for Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV (PPTCT) has been shown to be important in reducing HIV transmissions.
Dr RR Gangakhedkar, Deputy Director of National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) agreed with Dr Gilada and said: "We have a strong track record of providing ART for 9 years now and Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV (PPTCT) for 12 years.
One must remember that in India unprotected sex (87.4% heterosexual and 1.3% homosexual) is the major route of transmission of the virus, followed by parent to child transmission (5.4%), infected needles/syringes (1.7%) and use of infected blood and blood products (1%).
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