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a) Post a video of you trying to convince them to eat - it's a regular occurrence b) Post on a parenting forum to see if anyone has any solutions c) Offer them some time on my phone or tablet if they clear their plate d) They're not allowed to leave the table until they've tried a bit of everything Q9: Would you stop posting pictures of your kids on social media if they asked you to?
'HRDF has agreed to fund the first 500 private sector employees attending parenting skills this year with the cost at RM62,500,' she said in her keynote address at a parenting forum in Universiti Putra Malaysia here.
A thread onMumsnet,the parenting forum, has revealed scores of the hilarious words children have mispronounced,reports The Mirror.
However, one mum wowed others with her response on the popular parenting forum, revealing all her tips and tricks for feeding her family and pets.
Cadle is also a featured contributor to the Today Show's online Parenting Forum, and Thrive Global.
In a post on the parenting forum NetMums, an anonymous woman revealed that her 10-year-old daughter had been invited to a party for one of her friends for which she had to pay the amount.
Also among the latest babynaming fads are "modern virtue names" like Faith, Hope and Saint, a poll by parenting forum has found.
| baby to an app, Sleeper 5 MUMSNET THE popular parenting forum now has an app, available for iPhone and Android.
From the outset, we had two general interests; first, we were interested in how parenting forum participants positioned themselves vis-a-vis dental knowledge, including expert knowledge from scientific research and clinical encounters, as well as how parents took up and advised others about practices they found helpful.