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PDQPretty Damn Quick
PDQPretty Darn Quick
PDQParallel Data Query
PDQPosition Description Questionnaire (various organizations)
PDQPeople Dedicated to Quality (restaurant chain)
PDQPhysician Data Query
PDQParkinson's Disease Questionnaire
PDQProduct Data Quality (supply chain management)
PDQProgram Development Queues
PDQParts Delivered Quickly
PDQProcess Data Quickly (credit card terminal)
PDQPaint Data Query (international automotive paint database; Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
PDQPlease Don't Quit
PDQPermanently Disqualified (for military service)
PDQPersonal Data Questionnaire
PDQPre-Determined Quantity
PDQProduct Displayed Quickly
PDQProfessional Development Qualification (social workers)
PDQPrint, Don't Queue
PDQParts Delivered Quickly (automotive parts delivery program)
PDQProduction Drilling Quarters (oil production)
PDQPre-Defined Query
PDQPeeled, Deveined and Quick Frozen (shrimp)
PDQPretty Dumb Question
PDQPrescreening Developmental Questionnaire
PDQPlease Do Quickly
PDQPolicy Data Query (insurance)
PDQPeople Demand Quality
PDQPhysically Disqualified
PDQPetticoat Discipline Quarterly (website)
PDQPas de Quoi (French: you're welcome; it was nothing)
PDQPrice, Dependability, Quality
PDQPolynomial Differential Quadrature
PDQPennies, Dimes, Quarters
PDQPre-Defined Qualities
PDQPositive Quadrant Dependence
PDQPiecewise Differentiable Quadratic
PDQPosition Description Quick
PDQPerfect Dark Headquarters
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